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The Ingersoll Rand Zimmerman line of balancers is available from Dobco Equipment.

Ergonomics is a key consideration when selecting material handling equipment. For Ingersoll Rand’s Zimmerman line of balancers, ergonomic handling is a given. From pneumatic and mechanical spring balancers to intelligent assist devices, the company offers a safe and comfortable way to lift and handle materials up to 2,000 pounds.

Pneumatic balancers

The Ingersoll Rand Pneumatic Balancer offers many best-in-class features that make it an ergonomic choice for heavy items up to 2,000 pounds. It provides precise, strain-free positioning, leaving both of the user’s hands free to raise, lower or shift the load with virtually no resistance. The balancer also offers easy access to air-flow calibration controls, allowing simple adjustment of the float.

Safety is also standard, which enhances the unit’s ergonomics. Each balancer has built-in overload protection to ensure the lifted load never exceeds the unit’s maximum rated capacity. In addition, if the load is accidentally lost, a centrifugal brake automatically stops rapid upward cable travel.

Intelligent lifting systems

Zimmerman InteLIFT Series Balancers converts intuitive operator input into smooth, effortless up and down motion. They feature a force-sensing control handle that responds to operator input quickly and seamlessly for the precise positioning of loads up to 1,000 pounds. Three speeds are available, allowing users to select the speed that fits the application and their comfort level.

Mechanical spring balancers

Spring balancers have the capability to lift up to 363 pounds, from five to nine feet high. Fifty models within five different series means there’s a balancer to meet every requirement. Each unit features easy-to-use controls for accurate spring adjustment.

The “Gravity-free” effect on the intermediate, heavy and super-duty models allows users to move the tool with little effort. These models also feature a safety locking device to prevent the tool from dropping if the spring fails.


Zimmerman balancers are available in Canada from Dobco Equipment. The Mississauga, Ont.-based supplier carries a wide selection of pneumatic, electric and hydraulic power tools from leading manufacturers, including Ingersoll Rand.

To learn more, contact Dobco Equipment.


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