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SES combines on-site data collection with KSB’s deep understanding of pump operations.

Pumps that aren’t operating efficiently consume a lot of energy and, as a result, become very costly. Not only are they more expensive to run, they require more maintenance and have a shorter lifespan when they’re not running optimally. KSB Pumps knows this. It was the impetus behind the launch of the leading pump manufacturer’s System Efficiency Services (SES) back in 2014. Through SES, an on-site performance monitoring and analysis service, the company has helped pump system operators in Canada become more energy efficient over the last two years.  

About SES

KSB’s System Efficiency Services takes place at the customer’s facility. It combines on-site data collection with KSB’s deep understanding of pump operations. The result is a comprehensive picture of how the customer’s system is running.

SES starts by collecting multiple system parameters, such as power consumption, pressures, flow rates, pump and motor vibration, pump speeds, etc., at a number of locations on the system and over a range of operating conditions. This is the starting point. It allows the experts at KSB to understand how the system is running, so they can determine how to improve it. 

“By comparing the system characteristics to performance curves provided by the pumps’ manufacturers, we can learn a lot about how efficiently the pumps are operating in the system,” explains Gary Zeidler, manager of KSB Pumps’ Service Division. “If we find that pumps are spending a lot of time operating at low levels of efficiency, we can recommend changes that will reduce energy costs and usually mean smoother running and longer pump life.” 

KSB takes this a step further with online monitoring of pump performance, which can be useful for troubleshooting and identifying performance problems before they cause equipment failures or downtime. The instrumentation for this monitoring can be installed without the need for drilling into existing equipment. 

Once the analysis is complete, KSB’s engineers provide a detailed report that outlines areas for improvement and, just as important, how they can save money. The analysis also recommends a preventative maintenance program that is optimized for each customer’s specific operating environment.

About KSB

SES is just one of the many products and services KSB offers to help its customers operate more efficiently. For additional information about this service, contact KSB Pumps Inc., the Mississauga, Ont.-based Canadian arm of the KSB Group, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of pumps, valves and systems. 


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