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Acuity's AR700 Series of laser displacement gauges are available in Canada from Durham Instruments.

Acuity has been developing advanced laser distance sensors and laser measurement systems for nearly 25 years. Though its line of lasers and linear position sensors are known for their quality, the company is committed to continuously improving its products.

Its AR700 Series of laser displacement gauges, for example, are built on a decade of success with the predecessor AR600 laser sensor. Industry users demanded faster and more accurate non-contact metrology equipment for measuring position and object dimensions, and Acuity delivered.

Sensor enhancements

The AccuRange 700 is faster than ever, boasting output speeds to 9,400 Hz. If sampling via serial command or discrete hardware triggers for synchronizing multiple sensors is required, a special Trigger Mode is available. However, the maximum speed using the hardware trigger is reduced to 4,500 Hz.

Optics and digital detectors have also improved. Acuity's AR700 laser distance sensor offers a three-fold improvement of resolution over its previous model, enabling resolutions as low as one sixth of a micrometre, depending on the model selected.

In addition, the AR700 is 80 per cent smaller than its predecessor, and measures under eight cubic inches. This ultra compact design is thanks to all electronics being housed in the unit, rather than needing an external controller or amplifier.

Versatile sensors

All of these enhancements make the AR700 laser distance sensor Acuity’s fastest and most accurate series of triangulation sensors. As a result, they are a top choice for a wide range of industrial and scientific applications, including high-speed road profiling, railroad inspection, thickness measurement, concrete block profiling and more.


The AR700 Series of laser displacement gauges are available in Canada from Durham Instruments, an industry-leading distributor based in Pickering, Ont. The company carries a wide selection of products from Acuity and a range of other world-class manufacturers.

To learn more, contact Durham Instruments.


Durham Instruments

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