REDwire Engine-driven welder offers reliable performance in any season

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The Ranger 305 G portable welding station is available from Lincoln Electric.

Lincoln Electric’s Ranger 305 G is a portable engine-driven welder rich with features that offer high performance and reliability year round.

Its top features include:

  • A Kohler gasoline engine with a 23-horsepower carburetor: The engine includes an electric fuel pump to help avoid vapour lock when operating at high altitudes. For easier starts in cold weather and lower fuel consumption, the Ranger 305 G EFI (electronic fuel injection) is available.
  • Multi-process welding: The unit offers excellent DC multi-process welding for general purpose stick, downhill pipe (stick), TIG, cored-wire and MIG (CO2 and mixed gas). It is the only compact gasoline welder in North America rated at 29 volts for 300 amps of stick or CV welding. 
  • Digital weld meters: The incorporation of digital weld meters for amps and volts makes it easy to precisely pre-set procedures and monitor actual welding output. The memory feature holds output readings for seven seconds after welding stops, so the operator can view the results.
  • Superior arc performance: The units feature Lincoln Electric Chopper Technology, which provides easy starts, a smooth arc, low spatter and excellent bead appearance.
  • Peak single-phase AC generator power for motor starting: The Ranger 305 G provides 10,500 watts peak, and 9,500 watts continuous for high-capacity needs such as a backup generator, lights, a grinder or other power tools. This feature extends the unit’s range and process capability. In addition, the AC generator voltage is constant at 120 or 240 volts at any weld dial setting.
  • Skewed rotor design: This design provides the AC power required to operate Lincoln Electric inverter power sources.
  • Reliability: Welding and AC generator outputs are rated at 40 degrees C (104 degrees F). Plus, a 12-gallon fuel capacity allows for extended operation.
  • Fully enclosed case: This design means the equipment is protected, and it decreases engine noise. The noise at a rated load is 101.3 dB sound power (Lwa) and 76.7 dBA sound level at 23 feet (seven metres).

The Ranger 305 G offers all of these features, and it is easy to use. With a straightforward control panel, training is kept to a minimum. The unit’s flip-down control panel door keeps less frequently used controls out of the way.

To learn more, contact Lincoln Electric.


Lincoln Electric (Canada)

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