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If a worker is at risk of falling three meters or more, a fall protection system is needed to ensure safety.

Occupational health and safety in Canada has come a long way since the 1960s. And, while it’s an accepted part of the workplace today, it is important to understand that safety needs evolve and change. To ensure safety is always top of mind, and addressed as needs change, it must be a part of a workplace’s daily practices. After all, it is everyone’s responsibility to make sure that safe practices are followed, that equipment is inspected and maintained, and that safety equipment is worn and used properly. This is true for all aspects of workplace safety, and is especially relevant when workers have to perform duties at heights. 

Fall protection
The risk of falling on the job is often associated with workers who perform their job duties on rooftops or scaling tall buildings. However, falls can occur from any number of places, including overhead platforms, elevated workstations, and holes in the floor or ground. Generally, if a worker is at risk of falling three meters or more, a fall protection system is needed to ensure safety.
CSA Group is committed to providing a comprehensive suite of solutions for fall protection, covering both equipment and training. Fall protection equipment includes a broad range of devices, from body belts and harnesses, to connecting components and vertical lifelines. It is mandatory for workers who have the potential of falling to use proper fall protection equipment. 

Standards and regulations

Voluntary standards and provincial regulations help to ensure that workers are protected from potential workplace hazards. Following best practices, ensuring proper training, and understanding your legal obligations are an integral part of promoting safety and helping to prevent injury on the job.

CSA Group’s standards are updated regularly in response to technological changes and evolving safety concerns. The leading standards organization also tests and certifies fall protection equipment components to the applicable Z259 standards in Canada, and the corresponding ANSI/ASME standards in the United States.

To learn more about fall protection equipment, training and standards, contact CSA Group.


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