REDwire ELS solution addresses ergonomic and safety concerns, improves productivity

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ELS expertly engineered and installed custom cantilevered supports for a Gorbel Ceiling Mounted Workstation Crane.

Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment (ELS) is known for designing and manufacturing custom lifting equipment to meet the needs of its customers. The company often takes on difficult projects that others have been unable to successfully deliver, and determines the best solution, resulting in increased efficiencies and safety for its customers.

Finding the best solution

A manufacturer of stainless steel sheet products was installing a new robotic weld cell to produce large industrial batteries. In the manufacturing process, sheet products weighing up to 100 pounds needed to be picked up, rotated 180 degrees, then loaded into the cell for welding operations. At the time, two workers were tasked with manually handling the sheets to ensure proper placement, which was not the most efficient and safe approach. A lifting solution was needed to address ergonomic and safety concerns, and improve productivity.

The manufacturer first installed an overhead crane and hoist with a vacuum lifter, but workers found this solution difficult to maneuver and returned to manually lifting the sheets. Forklifts and other floor-based solutions were not an appropriate option because of the limited floor space, while a standard ceiling-mounted crane was also not an option because the ceiling structure was not suitable to carry the load.

ELS stepped in to expertly engineer and install custom cantilevered supports for a Gorbel Ceiling Mounted Workstation Crane, which can reach the required area without using floor space. The structure distributes the rated load onto the building floor rather than the ceiling. The solution features an intelligent G-Force to facilitate gentle, controlled part placement, and a custom-built Vacuum Lift Assist.

The result

Since implementing the right solution from ELS, the customer has reported improved ergonomics through right sizing of the material handling equipment, and savings, as lifting operations are now done with a single operator who lifts and rotates products into the weld cell in a safe, controlled, ergonomically correct manner.

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