REDwire ELS lifting system addresses safety issues in a hazardous environment

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ELS manufactured a three-tonne, explosion-resistant twin hook and custom trolley hoist for a recent customer that worked in a hazardous environment.

Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment (ELS) is often approached to handle complicated applications because of its long-standing history of making difficult jobs seem easy. One recent customer, a plastic material and resin manufacturer, required explosion-resistant lifting equipment that was safe to operate in its facility, which is exposed to airborne vapours from its manufacturing process.

The application

Previously, the customer’s lifting system would lift bags of materials from one floor to another with a single hook hoist in a wire-meshed cage through a vertical shaft. Because the system didn't control the cage from spinning during the hoisting process, there were many safety issues. In particular, the cage would catch obstructions in the shaft way.

The customer explored various options to help keep the wire-meshed cage aligned during the lifting operation, but soon realized it needed a solution provider that was knowledgeable, not only with material handling equipment installations, but also with installing in hazardous environments.

A trusted manufacturer

The customer approached ELS to evaluate its options, and decided to purchase a three-tonne, explosion-resistant twin hook and custom trolley hoist. This lifting system, with its synchronous twin hooks, now provides a true vertical lift and a stable hoisting platform for the bulk cage. Because of the controlled lift, the cage no longer spins or catches on obstructions.

The company also purchased a Pre-Start Health & Safety Review (PSR) from ELS. A PSR is a specific audit of the equipment installed. It documents safety, evaluates potential hazards and identifies how to bring deficiencies into compliance with safety standards.

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