REDwire ELS facilitates a deal that is a win-win for the parties involved

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ELS designed, manufactured and installed a one-ton and a three-ton crane in the customer’s facility.

Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment (ELS) takes pride in being able to find the most appropriate solution for each of its customers’ unique applications. When one customer approached ELS about removing its current lifting system and replacing it with one that is better suited to its process, the manufacturer did not disappoint. It designed a new system for the customer, and found a home for the old system — a win-win for the customers involved.

Brokering a deal

A manufacturer of building super structures had a 20-ton free-standing Mentor bridge crane in one of its buildings to aid in its metal fabrication process. Workers used the crane to lift and move metal-formed components, such as galvanized roof cladding and steel trusses, but found it slow moving. In addition, it was much more crane than they required for the application. The company approached ELS to remove the crane and exchange it for two smaller ones.

ELS was able to design, manufacture and install a one-ton and a three-ton crane in the customer’s facility, and find another company to purchase the 20-ton crane for a plastics injection moulding operation. The used crane was installed with a new runway system in the second company’s facility.

A win-win

The first customer was pleased with the exchange, as it was a better solution that met the needs of its operation. The second customer also benefited from deal, as buying used rather than new offered savings.

ELS benefited by facilitating the B2B sale and purchase of the equipment, cementing its reputation as an industry leader with superior service.

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