REDwire Eliminating oil mist results in increased safety, savings and productivity

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Filtermist units can make workplaces safer and more efficient.

Mist eliminators are often used to improve safety in the workplace, because removing oil mist can prevent employee health risks, avoid accidents caused by slippery surfaces, and reduce fire hazards. However, the benefits of oil mist removal don’t end there. Filtermist eliminators, for example, can also offer cost savings and increased productivity.

That’s why more than 200,000 Filtermist units are in operation across the globe, on equipment ranging from traditional open grinders to high-precision CNC machining centres.


Filtermist units can provide cost savings in a number of ways. Firstly, they save coolant by capturing oil mist at the source and recycling it into the machine. Secondly, they can reduce heating costs because they return filtered air to the factory, meaning there is no need to open windows or doors for natural ventilation.

Another way mist eliminators can save money is by reducing cleaning and maintenance requirements by decreasing oil deposits on work surfaces. Lastly, they can reduce scrap rates by lowering temperatures in the cabinet by about 10 degrees C. The lower temperature helps cool the workpieces and reduces scrap rates for complicated machining operations.

Increased productivity

Eliminating mist in the workplace can result in increased productivity for several reasons. They include improved employee attendance thanks to a cleaner work environment that lowers employee sick rates and improves morale. Mist eliminators also offer less machine downtime by preventing oil mist from getting into electrical control panels and causing faults. Another benefit is the ability to run machines at higher speeds, because Filtermist units prevent the problem of high speeds causing excessive oil mist. Lastly, removing oil mist results in better lighting by preventing build-up on lighting fixtures. This improves productivity because a well lit workplace can improve employee morale and performance.

More information

Filtermist is the world’s leading oil mist collector. It is renowned for high energy efficiency, a compact design and low maintenance. Filtermist oil mist collectors are available in Canada from AMT Machine Tools.


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