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Threadlockers are an effective, reliable and inexpensive way to ensure that a threaded assembly will remain locked and leak proof.

The loosening of fasteners is one of the top causes of industrial equipment failure, resulting in millions of dollars of unscheduled downtime costs each year. However, there is a simple way to avoid this failure. 

In a recent blog on the Henkel website, Adam Lyman, an MRO application engineer with the company, explains how fastener failure can easily be eliminated.

A simple solution

Various types of differential stresses, such as vibration, shock, thermal expansion, contraction and micro-movement, reduce clamping force on threaded assemblies and ultimately cause machine failure. Threadlockers, also called machinery adhesives, are an effective, reliable and inexpensive way to ensure that a threaded assembly will remain locked and leak proof for its entire service life. 

“These single-component anaerobic adhesives are applied to the threads of a bolt as a liquid, gel or stick,” Lyman explains. “The adhesive fills the grooves of the threads and cures to a hard thermoset plastic when exposed to active metal ions in the absence of air. Machinery adhesives lock the threaded parts together, ensuring that mating parts will ultimately act as one conjoined unit that resists failure and delivers the greatest possible reliability.”

Threadlockers completely fill voids to lock the threads and maintain consistent clamp load over time. Prior to cure, these adhesives also lubricate the assembly to reduce both friction and torque load during fastener tightening. Post-cure, threadlockers seal the assembly to prevent corrosion and seizure, and ensure that disassembly is consistent and predictable. In addition, when repairs, maintenance or adjustment are required, threadlockers can easily be removed with standard hand tools for disassembly. 

A leading provider of threadlockers

Henkel carries a wide selection of threadlockers. Its Loctite brand of threadlockers is available in a variety of specialty formulations and strengths, including low strength, medium strength, high strength and low viscosity versions. 

Additionally, if you are looking for information on how to disassemble parts assembled with Loctite High Strength Red Threadlocker using heat, watch this video.


Henkel Canada Corporation

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