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Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)

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NISCO is proud to offer HOLZ Rubber Company expansion joints in Canada.

When expansion joints are used in applications they’re not suited for, damage can occur, resulting in extra costs and downtime. Companies often turn to HOLZ Rubber Company, a manufacturer known for producing high-quality expansion joints, when their existing joints fail. HOLZ, whose products are available in Canada through Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO), has the expertise to determine the most appropriate solution.

Case in point

One customer, a biomass plant that uses urban waste, scrap wood and tree trimmings to generate power for more than 45,000 homes, was using a ¼-inch thick Viton expansion joint in its wet scrubber inlet. The existing joint was tearing at the corners near the flanges thanks to the excessive movement of the duct system, and the fact that the expansion joint in service was not designed to compensate for the three inches of concurrent movement in the system. When HOLZ Rubber Company and one of its distributors visited the plant to evaluate the application, it was determined that a specially designed ⅜-inch thick Viton expansion joint with wire reinforcement was the best solution. This design would allow for excessive concurrent movements and prevent tearing.

Another customer, a power generation plant, was struggling with a failing expansion joint in a gas turbine air inlet. Cracks and tears close to the corners were causing a loss of air to the turbine during operation, which impacted efficiency. HOLZ and its team suggested replacing the existing fibreglass-reinforced expansion joint with a new Aramid-reinforced fabric expansion joint that is stronger and denser than the existing joint, which will result in a longer service life in this application. The customer was pleased with the performance improvements and subsequently replaced the same expansion joint on the other turbines at the facility.


NISCO is proud to offer HOLZ Rubber Company expansion joints in Canada. The company can supply piping, flue duct, high temperature and metallic expansion joints, each designed to offer a reliable performance and a long service life in standard, maximum and ultra-high movement scenarios.

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Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)

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