REDwire Elesa indexing plungers offer maximum safety

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Indexing plungers from Elesa feature safety devices.

Gould Fasteners can supply the new indexing plungers from Elesa. These products are designed to provide functionality, ergonomics and maximum operator safety. The selection available includes models that feature safety clamping knobs and safety devices.

Indexing plunger selection

Several different models are available. Models PMT.100 and PMT.101 are well suited to applications that require fast plunger retraction. They can be supplied with a knob in RAL 3000 red colour, and with or without a locking nut. The colour of the knob increases safety by enabling operators to quickly and easily identify different machine functions. The threaded body and nut on PMT. plungers are made from a super-technopolymer. The plunger can be made from black-oxide hardened steel or AISI 303 stainless steel. Lastly, the spring is made from AISI 302 stainless steel.

The model GN 7336.8 plunger is well-suited to any application that requires positioning, locking and securing elements to be moved frequently. This plunger has a safety clamping knob, and can be unlocked from the safety position using the fastening screw and knob. The threaded body on this plunger is zinc-plated steel, the plunger is nitrided and black-oxide steel, and the knob is black technopolymer with a light-grey centre cap.

The model GN 414 indexing plunger features a safety device. The plunger is locked automatically when it reaches the final position, and the only way to unlock it is by pushing the red safety button. The plunger will not malfunction due to dirt or foreign bodies because the locking mechanism is integrated with the operating button. This model has a black-oxide steel body, locking nut and plunger. The plunger end is hardened steel. The knob and safety push button are made from high-resilience technopolymer.

More information

For more information on the variety of Elesa products available from Gould Fasteners, visit the company’s website.


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