REDwire Electrostatic lubricating solution offers maximum efficiency and major savings

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Exel North America's electrostatic lubricating solution offers many advantages.

Sames LUB is an electrostatic lubricating solution from Exel North America. The system offers many features and advantages that result in savings for the user.

The application

The electrostatic lubricating solution is designed for fin and tube machining and press tools where lubrication is mandatory. Keeping these tools lubricated with Sames LUB helps protect the tool and die, control temperature and avoid tool and die wear, and provide a quality finished product.

The solution features an insulated booth, and sprayers mounted above and below the fin. It is suitable for the automotive industry, for example, to keep fins for radiators, heater cores and AC condensers lubricated. In addition, the HVAC industry can use it to lubricate fins used for building heat exchangers. 

The advantages 

The Sames LUB electrostatic lubricating solution features a modular spray design that allows the system to lubricate coils of any width with a precise oil flow. The modular design allows the system to be easily integrated into applications where space is limited, but it can also be expanded to suit the user’s needs. If fin width is above 100 millimetres, for example, the LUB sprayers can be connected to a larger common rail. Up to five atomizers can be connected in one block with one single control for high voltage, air flow and oil flow. 

In addition, the system allows precise lubricant spray control (down to one cc per minute), which reduces overspray and results in maximum efficiency — up to 98 per cent efficiency. A more efficient use of spray spells savings for the user. 

Other advantages include:

  • a reduction of VOCs;
  • the elimination of the degreasing process;
  • reduced maintenance because no cleaning of the spray system is required; and
  • a safer work environment because the lubricant is confined to the lube booth.

More information

To learn more about the Sames LUB electrostatic lubricating solution, contact Exel North America, an expert in finishing and dispensing solutions. Through its Sames and Kremlin Rexson brands, Exel North America manufactures various lines of pumps and spray guns for its customers across the globe.



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