REDwire Electronics manufacturers improve reliability and reduce costs with oil-free compressors

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CompAir’s oil-free air compressors are a top choice for manufacturers in the electronics sector.

Compressed air is commonly used in the electronics industry to clean PCB boards after production, and to power pick and place machines for component conveying. But in order to prevent oil contamination on the sensitive, high technology equipment used to manufacture electronic components, oil-free air compressors are a must. CompAir’s selection of oil-free air compressors are a top choice for many leading companies in the electronics sector. 

Improve production reliability, reduce costs

One of the risks associated with oil contamination is expensive maintenance costs and, in extreme cases, a complete production shutdown. Rohde & Schwarz is one company that was not willing to take this risk. The manufacturer of sensitive electronic components requires a large quantity of oil-free compressed air to avoid damage to the sensitive valves on its conveyor system. When it upgraded its compressed air supply to CompAir’s oil-free DH Series compressors at its main production plant, its goals were to improve production reliability and reduce air costs. And, thanks to CompAir’s compressors, the company quickly achieved these targets, with fast payback due to lower power consumption and reduced maintenance costs. Another bonus: the company was able to improve its energy efficiency thanks to the unit’s water lubrication.

Significant energy savings

Another customer, a manufacturer of electronic components for the defence-aerospace sector, saved more than £30,000 in energy costs per year after switching to a CompAir L75 variable-speed compressor with heat-recovery system. The system was so successful that the customer invested in a second L75 RS compressor to achieve even greater energy savings.

Additional details

CompAir’s oil-free compressors are engineered to ensure a totally clean, consistent air supply. The company carries multiple models, including water-injected rotary screw compressors, two-stage screw compressors, two-stage variable-speed centrifugal compressors and high-output two-stage piston compressors, to meet the needs of each application.

To learn more about the different models available, contact CompAir.


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