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Gefran XTRA power controllers are compact and modular.

Wainbee offers power controllers for electric heating systems that can safeguard thermal energy, prevent downtime and ensure product integrity. The solution: Gefran XTRA power controllers.

These controllers can eliminate downtime caused by transient over currents and short circuits by monitoring load current, cutting the power when the load reaches a programmed threshold, and isolating the power switching devices. They are also capable of sustaining infinite short circuit cycles without any damage, self-checking to determine whether the problem persists, and resetting automatically to the programmed thermal cycle.

Gefran XTRA advantages

The ability to restore power automatically is perfect for applications that are susceptible to frequent short circuits and overloads. It means the controller can avoid complete process shutdown and instead maintain production. To prevent damage if the fault is not effectively cleared, a soft-start ramp is applied when current is restored. The integrated fault protection also eliminates the need for extra-rapid fuses, saving costs and reducing downtime. An additional benefit of Gefran XTRA controllers is their compact and modular design.


These controllers are ideal for use in a broad range of applications, such as the production of glass and ceramics, heat treating furnaces, and high temperature material sintering processes. The selection of controllers includes a wide variety of options to suit special applications such as transformer-based heating systems.

They can be used to control practically any type of restive heating system. They always come standard with RS485 serial connection with Modbus RTU protocol to control voltages, currents, powers, device status and load status. A second communication port is offered as an option for fieldbuses, including Modbus RTU, CanOpen, Ethernet IP, EtherCAT, Profibus DP and Modbus-TCP.

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