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L. & M.’s efficient product design process aims to ensure that the most cost-efficient and optimal product is manufactured.

L. & M. Precision Products produces custom precision-machined products, from welding components and assemblies, connectors, automotive fittings and fasteners, to bushings, washers, spacers, threaded parts and more. The Toronto-based company works closely with its customers to ensure that each product meets their exact specifications — even before the product is actually produced. This is thanks to L. & M.’s efficient product design process, which aims to ensure that the most cost-efficient and optimal product is manufactured. 

Three critical steps

There are three steps in L. & M.’s design process. It starts with the initial design. At this stage, clients provide an initial design and request a quote for a new custom product request. This should include application details, like the estimated annual usage of the product.

Next is the design and estimate stage. Here, the engineering and estimating teams review the design and, if necessary, provide feedback to the customer with regard to enhancements that will optimize the functionality and/or cost-effectiveness of the product. The estimate details the required lead time and pricing, and also identifies if any changes have been made to the design provided by the client. The estimate also identifies whether the design requires changes or additional specifications, ensuring that critical revision levels are maintained. Once revisions are complete, the revised drawings are sent to the client for final approval.

Before full production begins, however, a sample part can be provided to the client for approval, if requested.

Customer satisfaction

This product design process, combined with L. & M.’s team of licensed professional engineers, its comprehensive quality assurance practices and standards, and the state-of-the-art machinery it uses, has helped the company build a solid reputation for quality, which has resulted in word-of-mouth referrals and repeat customers. 

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