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The ViscoIndicator can measure melt flow rate, apparent viscosity and intrinsic viscosity.

Process Heaters can supply the ViscoIndicator Online Rheometer from Dynisco. This rheometer was designed specifically for the thermoplastics resin industry. It is capable of providing continuous measurement of melt flow rates, apparent viscosity and intrinsic viscosity. It features simple operation and installation, as well as an economical price, making it an ideal entry point for online rheological instrumentation.

ViscoIndicator features

This rheometer has a rheological sensing unit which is directly connected to the process. It may be mounted in various orientations on extruders, reactors or molten polymer transfer lines. It samples, conditions and measures the resin properties. In addition, it has a human machine interface that manages test parameters remotely and provides the material properties. The data is presented in an intuitive display that includes melt flow rate and viscosity information using a numeric value or a trending graph. This data can be exported for historical analysis and quality control. The data can also be viewed on the machine or on any Windows 10 device via remote connection.

ViscoIndicator advantages

The ViscoIndicator can provide the same test conditions as a laboratory melt flow index tester or capillary rheometer. Plus, it is easy to install. It can be connected to existing process connections and has a simple plug-in system. The user simply needs a 1/2-20 pressure port on an extruder and a 120-volt outlet. Thanks to an intuitive design, the ViscoIndicator lowers the training time required to be effective in measuring rheological properties.

The properties measured by the ViscoIndicator are the primary specifications for thermoplastic resins, so these measurements provide critical information on product physical properties and the processability of polymers.

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