REDwire Easy-to-apply joint sealer provides long-term repair on Toronto roads

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DensoBand joint sealing compound comes in a strip form that is easy to apply by hand.

DensoBand joint sealing compound is being used to provide long-lasting repairs for residential streets in Toronto that must withstand heavy traffic and harsh conditions.

The application

There has been a tremendous increase in traffic loads in Toronto over the past several years. Toronto’s roads have been deteriorating more rapidly due to the increase in buses, delivery trucks, construction equipment and day-to-day commuter traffic. In addition, the roads are subjected to the temperature extremes of the Canadian climate. To manage all the roads that are in need of rehabilitation, the City of Toronto brings in local contractors to handle the asphalt repairs.
One contractor this summer chose to use DensoBand for a repair project on Eglington Avenue. Along hundreds of meters of roadway, both joint edges of the road were sealed with Denso’s bitumen strip. DensoBand provides high adhesion strength and flexibility to create a long-term, watertight joint. It will remain sealed even when subjected to the road movement caused by constant traffic and temperature changes.

DensoBand features

DensoBand also features low maintenance, and is designed to prevent cracking and propagation. That means it will help keep Toronto’s streets from needing additional restoration or replacement farther down the road.

DensoBand can be used for sealing hot asphalt joints between asphalt, concrete and steel. In addition to road maintenance, it is used for new road construction, bridge repairs, railway, parking lot and airport runway applications.

DensoBand is a polymer modified bitumen supplied in rectangular strip form with a disposable interleaving paper. It can easily be applied by hand. 

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