REDwire The e-Jet2 NDT offers optimal performance for dye penetrant inspection

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The e-Jet2 NDT was designed specifically for inspection applications.

The e-Jet2 NDT is SAMES KREMLIN's coating solution for non-destructive testing applications. This system is well suited to performing dye penetrant inspection of metals. It features optimal coverage and the best quality and regularity of coating thickness. The e-Jet2 NDT is supplied with a Mach-Jet spray gun, control module and tank.

Non-destructive testing capabilities

This unit is equipped with a CSV 230 tank, which has a 15-litre capacity. It is capable of providing high flow rates when desired, but also the very low flow rates that are suited to non-destructive inspection applications. The system also uses a spray gun that offers high transfer efficiency with a stable pattern. It will provide a regular flow with no puffing. The spray gun also features an efficient and ergonomic design with integrated controls on the back of the gun. That means operators can quickly and comfortably change settings during coating application. The controls enable adjustments, including flow rate and electrical characteristics such as preset voltage and current.

Dye penetrant inspection benefits

Dye penetrant inspection involves applying a penetrant to a non-porous material to identify any surface-breaking defects. This inspection method offers a number of advantages. For instance, it is fast, low cost and non-destructive. In addition, the process is easy to perform, so only limited operator training is required.

More information

The e-Jet2 NDT also features a compact size and a stable, easy-to-transport trolley with a low centre of gravity and large back wheels.

For more information, contact SAMES KREMLIN (formerly Exel North America). Kremlin Rexson and Sames recently merged to create one global organization.



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