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Dust collectors from N.R. Murphy solved ACLO's airborne pigment and powder issues.

N.R. Murphy Ltd. has experience providing dust collectors for customers in a diverse range of industries, from food and agriculture to chemical and plastics. Often, these dust collectors are used to ensure worker health and safety by removing dust from the workplace and providing clean breathing air.

However, dust collectors are also used to ensure product quality. One example of this is when N.R. Murphy was awarded a project for ACLO, a company that specializes in plastic compounds and concentrates.

The problem

ACLO was facing a challenge with airborne dust in its plant, including pigment and powder. This dust was non-toxic, so it was not a health hazard for employees. But it did pose a problem for product quality, especially since the company takes pride in its precise colour match system.

ACLO chose N.R. Murphy for the project due to its expertise, according to ACLO senior technical/manufacturing manager Tom Stockford.

“Murphy’s overall experience stood out when compared to the other suppliers, as the Murphy team offered concrete ideas and suggestions throughout the planning stages.”

The solution

To solve ACLO’s dust problems, N.R. Murphy installed a continuous-duty automatic self-cleaning dust collector, the HEC-330-8. This compressor features dual top air inlets, walk-in plenum for top bag removal and easy maintenance, inline duct silencer and more. It has a capacity of 26,685 CFM.

The performance offered by this dust collector exceeded expectations. In addition, ACLO praised the Murphy team for its approach, offering concrete ideas throughout the planning process, and delivering and installing the system as promised, and on time.

For more information on dust collection systems from N.R. Murphy Ltd., visit the company’s website.


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