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The dust collection system for Wyeth included three hoppers for drum storage.

N.R. Murphy has been providing dust collection solutions for more than 70 years. In that time, the company has helped many customers create clean, dust-free environments.

One example is the central dust collection system that N.R. Murphy provided for the pharmaceutical manufacturer Wyeth Limited. The facility had a number of existing individual dust collection systems, but they were proving inadequate. The new project was designed to replace all of them. In addition, the new system had to be large enough to accommodate a company expansion, while maintaining a clean and healthy work environment. The success of the project depended on meeting the requirements of both the Department of Labour and Wyeth engineers.

System design and features

The solution N.R. Murphy provided included a continuous cleaning pulse jet cartridge filter unit. It was equipped with a top air-dust inlet for efficient diffusion and a blow back safety damper. To attenuate fan inlet noise, the system also incorporated an acoustically lined clean air plenum. This system also featured ease of servicing, thanks to quick opening access doors on the filter section.

The fan package selected for this project was a 23-inch, type EA-1 Murphy extra heavy-duty exhauster. It included a 100-horsepower T.E.F.C. motor equipped with spring isolators to prevent vibration, and an inline discharge silencer to minimize noise.

For drum storage capabilities, the system included three hoppers with air-tight drum connectors and proximity level detectors. The system also incorporated 12 aeropleat filters and 12 microtrain H.E.P.A. filters downstream of the main filter unit and fan assembly. These filters act as a secondary precaution to prevent dust escaping in accordance with emission standards.

Additional components and features of this system included the main control panel with an adjustable seven-day clock, a 100-horsepower motor starter, and photohelic switches for the dust collector and safety filters.

System completion

Once the system was installed, N.R. Murphy performed air balancing of all branch lines. The result was a fully functional exhaust system with satisfactory air performance at dust pickup locations.

N.R. Murphy designs and manufactures a full line of dust collectors, fans and accessories. For more information, visit the company’s website.


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