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N.R. Murphy provides a complete line of dust collection equipment.

N.R. Murphy provides a complete line of dust collection equipment to customers across North America. Its comprehensive portfolio, backed by the company’s more than 70 years of experience in the industry, is helping facilitate a clean and healthy working environment, while boosting morale and workforce efficiency in the process.

Dust collectors

N.R. Murphy manufactures a range of dust collectors to meet the needs of many different industries. Its lineup includes:

  • Shaker style dust collectors from 500 to 70,000 cubic feet per minute;
  • Pulse jet type bag and cartridge style dust collectors;
  • Reverse air dust collectors;
  • The Cyclone dust collector for medium to coarse dust collection applications; and
  • Portable bag and cartridge dust collectors.


Industrial exhaust fans are available in a range of sizes, capacities, designs and arrangements. Air, material handling and BINOL-type fan wheels are available.

Rotary air lock

Air locks are used to provide an airtight seal on cyclones, dust filters, storage bins, enclosed mechanical conveyors and more. They are available in single or double neoprene seals, and several standard capacities.


Duct silencers help decrease noise levels, and are available in many sizes and configurations to fit N.R. Murphy equipment.

Abort dampers

The Murphy Abort Damper is usually installed in the cleaned air stream of a filtering system. The unit is designed to expel air into the atmosphere when activated by a properly installed spark or fire detection system, protecting employees and manufacturing facilities in case of explosion or fire.

Filter bags

N.R. Murphy also manufactures filter bags for its own equipment, as well as other manufacturer's equipment.

To learn more about its wide selection of dust collection equipment and accessories, contact N.R. Murphy.


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