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The 7130A model is a triaxial IEPE accelerometer.

A variety of IEPE accelerometers are available from Durham Instruments. These devices are used in many applications to measure the acceleration of a mass, specifically sensing larger vibrations and shocks.  

IEPE accelerometer basics 

IEPE stands for Internal Electronics PiezoElectric. IEPE accelerometers use piezoelectric material to measure proper acceleration (also known as g-force acceleration). They incorporate electronics that act as a “pre-amplifier” to transform the piezoelectric signal to a low impedance signal. 

The type of acceleration measured by accelerometers is quite different from the co-ordinate acceleration that is familiar to most people. Proper acceleration is the acceleration of a mass associated with its weight at rest in the frame of reference of the accelerometer.

Wide selection

Durham Instruments can offer many different models of accelerometers. Its lineup of IEPE accelerometers includes:

  • The 7130A model is a triaxial IEPE accelerometer. The unit utilizes three independent welded stainless steel assemblies in a housing made from hard anodized aluminum. It incorporates a stable piezoceramic crystal in annular shear mode. The crystal is installed with a compression ring that eliminates the need for epoxies that can hinder long-term stability. The 7130A is available in ±50g to ±500g dynamic ranges. This model is used in manufacturing, as well as research and development applications.
  • The 7114A is an IEPE accelerometer that offers high performance. It is stud mounted and has a side mount connector. In addition, the unit has a hermetically sealed enclosure and features high sensitivity of 1,000 mV/g. It is available in dynamic ranges from ±5g to ±50g. This unit is used in many industries, including aerospace, military, automation and controls, transportation and more.

Manufacturer’s expertise

These accelerometers are made by Measurement Specialties, an international manufacturer of sensors and sensor-based systems. The company is dedicated to providing products that are effective, reliable and high quality. 

For more information on IEPE accelerometers, contact Durham Instruments.


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