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Rate sensors from Durham Instruments offer accurate measurement, durability and reliability.

A broad variety of rate sensors from Measurement Specialties is available in Canada through Durham Instruments. These sensors offer accurate measurement, durability and reliability, making them a top choice for measurement applications in a range of industries.

Uniaxial angular rate gyros

The lineup includes a selection of uniaxial angular rate gyros. The 11206AC and 11207AC rate sensors, for example, are capable of accurately measuring angular rate. They both feature a tough, compact housing, which holds potted electronics and a shielded 22 AWG cable. In addition, they each have a cubical form, which allows mounting with the sensing axis oriented in any direction. Both sensors can operate in temperatures ranging from -40 to 85 degrees C; however, the 11206AC is better suited for use in varied environmental conditions, while model 11207AC is ideal for use in harsh conditions.

Another option is Model 620, a small analog gyroscope designed specifically for automotive safety testing and other system designs requiring accurate measurement of angular velocity. It utilizes silicon MEMS sensing elements with custom electronics and packaging to produce an angular rate sensor that is highly reliable, even under excessive shock and vibration environments.

Triaxial rate gyros

The 31206B and 31207B triaxial rate gyros are capable of sensing angular rate around three orthogonal axes. Fully temperature compensated analog outputs are available for the X, Y and Z axes. They both have a rugged housing and the capability to operate in temperatures ranging from -40 to 85 degrees C. The difference between the two models is their measurement ranges.

Another option is Model 603, a small, lightweight triaxial rate sensor designed for high impact testing. The sensor utilizes reliable silicon MEMS sensing elements with custom electronics. This model is packaged in a shock-resistant housing specifically designed for critical measurement applications such as automotive safety, biomechanics and aerospace testing.

Additional offerings

The Model 633 6-DOF analog sensor includes outputs of three gyroscope/rate sensors and three DC accelerometers in one small package. The rate sensors and accelerometers are aligned orthogonally to each other, which allows the user to measure motions in all six degrees of freedom (6 DOF). Designed specifically for product R&D in harsh environments, the Model 633 can maintain its precision under high shock conditions.

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