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Durham Instruments carries T40B and T40FM torque flanges from HBM.

Durham Instruments is proud to offer torque flanges from HBM. The company’s selection includes both the T40B and T40FM varieties, designed to offer reliability and ease of use to industrial customers. 


The T40B model offers secure digital data transfer between rotor and stator — the first torque flange of its class, worldwide, to offer this advantage. In addition, it ensures reliable test results, even under such challenging conditions as electromagnetic interference, vibration or temperature variation.

The torque flange features an easy-to-connect shunt that enables users to check the T40B at any time. Additional features include a compact design, nominal (rated) torque from 50 Nm up to 10 kNm, and nominal (rated) rotational speed from 10,000 up to 20,000 rpm.


Ideal for use with large engine, gear and rolling road test benches, HBM’s T40FM digital torque flange measures dynamic torque signals between 15 and 80 kNm, up to a bandwidth of six kHz. With its compact design and low weight, the T40FM offers a small mass moment of inertia, as well as secure, digital measured value transfer with high interference immunity and maximum accuracy. 

The T40FM is mechanically robust, designed to withstand a peak load of up to 660 per cent, depending on the nominal (rated) measuring range. It also features strain gauges, located within its measuring body, to offer protection against environmental influences such as dirt and moisture. 

In addition, the T40FM can be equipped with a magnetic speed measuring system, which is ideal for rough industrial conditions. 

Another benefit of the T40FM is that its rotor has the same dimensions as the previous T10FM rotor model, which makes upgrading easy. Simply exchanging the rotor and corresponding stator means that existing plants can also profit from the improved properties of the T40FM.

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To learn more about HBM’s T40B and T40FM torque flanges, contact Durham Instruments. The company is a one-stop source for all quantitative measuring needs, providing expert solutions from leading manufacturers. 


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