REDwire Durable expansion joints for industrial applications available from NISCO

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Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)

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Flue duct expansion joints for industrial ductwork systems are available from NISCO.

Expansion joints from HOLZ Rubber Products are now available in Canada from Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO). The company can supply piping, flue duct, high temperature and metallic expansion joints, each designed to offer a reliable performance and a long service life in standard, maximum and ultra-high movement scenarios.

Piping expansion joints

These joints, designed for use in piping systems, are engineered to meet the specific service requirements of each application. They are vibration-, noise- and corrosion-resistant, making them a durable solution for high shock and vibration applications. Many different types are available, including hand-crafted elastomeric expansion joints, hand-built pressure piping expansion joints, lightweight piping expansion joints, moulded piping expansion joints, floating flange rubber expansion joints, vibration dampener expansion joints, and moulded PTFE expansion joints.

Flue duct expansion joints

The lineup also includes high-quality flue duct expansion joints for industrial ductwork systems. They feature fully moulded corners, which eliminate corner failures and the need for costly gaskets or heavy ductwork. These joints are also designed to absorb sound, reduce vibration, and repel wear and tear from harsh chemical and gas, making them ideal for use in ventilation and aeration systems, steam boiler systems, gas turbine exhausts, refuse incinerators, HVAC and air handling systems, and more. Many types are available, including standard movement flue duct expansion joints, maximum movement flue duct expansion joints, and ultra-high movement flue duct expansion joints.

High temperature expansion joints

Constructed of the most advanced materials, high temperature expansion joints are engineered to reduce the risk of catastrophic failures and protect the environment against high temperature gases, air and materials. Many types are available, including chemical-resistant rubber, DuPont-certified Viton, fibreglass-reinforced PTFE, multi-layered and HTG extreme temperature expansion joints.

Metallic expansion joints

These expansion joints are designed to solve the most demanding challenges in unique environmental and installation conditions, including oil refineries, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, marine applications and wastewater treatment. The many types available include a single bellow joint, a universal expansion joint, an external pressurized expansion joint, and a pressure balanced expansion joint.

To learn more about the lineup of expansion joints available, contact NISCO.


Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)

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