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Ken Forging is an ideal source for many types of industrial forged hardware, including rod ends.

Ken Forging is widely known for its superior capabilities in custom manufacturing and finishing. This, along with its comprehensive selection, make the Jefferson, Ohio-based company an ideal source for many types of industrial forged hardware, including rod ends, a key component in any application where an articulating joint is needed.

Rod end selection

Ken Forging can provide rod ends as blanks, or machined to meet customer specifications. Both options are available in many different materials, sizes and finishes. 

Materials: Each type is available in several different materials, including 304 or 316 stainless steel, alloy steel 4140, and carbon steel grades C1030-1035 or C1045.

Sizes: These rod ends are all available in a range of sizes. For example, blank rod ends made from alloy steel 4140 are available with shank diameters ranging from ¼” up to 2-½”, weighing .03 lbs. up to 23 lbs. Meanwhile, rod ends made from alloy steel 4140 that are machined and black oxided are available with shank diameters and threads from ¼ and 20” through to 1-½ and 6”, weighing .03 lbs. up to 4.25 lbs. 

Capabilities: The manufacturer offers threading capabilities, including UNC, UNF, metric and ACME. 

Finishes: These products are drop forged and available in many finishes, such as plain (self coloured), hot dip, electro galvanized and electro polished. In addition, special heat treating processes and custom plating services can be provided. 

Rod end uses

Rod ends are used in many applications in the construction of machinery. They are often used along with flange nuts and clamp assemblies. Those that incorporate spherical bearings are commonly used on the ends of control rods, tie rods, steering links, and anywhere else an articulating joint is needed. 

Manufacturer’s expertise

Ken Forging takes pride in its ability to meet any need. 

“We are a completely integrated facility, which allows us to meet any and all our customer's requirements, and provide a 'one-stop shopping' environment that is beneficial to everyone.”

In addition to rod ends, Ken Forging offers a complete selection of standard eyebolts, pad eyes, turnbuckles, c-clamps and screws, safety swivel hoist rings, and machine shop tools. 

For more information, contact Ken Forging.


Ken Forging

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