REDwire Drag chain conveyor moves product safely thanks to advanced features

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Hytrol’s DCEZ-62 two-strand drag chain conveyor features zero pressure accumulation of product.

When transporting products along a conveyor, the goal is to get the items from A to B safely and without damage. Hytrol’s DCEZ-62 two-strand drag chain conveyor achieves this. There is little chance of product collision and damage when moving products along this conveyor thanks to the incorporation of Hytrol’s impressive EZLogic Zone Controller, which is located in each zone and allows for zero pressure accumulation of product.

Advanced features

The DCEZ-62 is made up of drive, intermediate and tail sections on which two strands of #60 single pitch chain travel. Each strand is a continuous loop and driven by a common drive shaft. The EZLogic Zone Controller senses when products are present and controls the accumulation and release of product from the various zones. It even automatically adjusts the conveyor zone length to accommodate the length of the product being conveyed, which improves conveyor efficiency and system flexibility. Product accumulation is achieved by activating accumulation lift pads, which lift the product off of the chain strands.

Another feature, made possible thanks to the EZLogic, is that any zone can be transformed into a workstation by connecting a dry contact switching device to the auxiliary port of the zone controller. This feature is always used at the discharge end of the conveyor line, but it can also be used at any other location where a zone stop is required.

Additional details

The DCEZ-62 conveyor is ideal for handling pallets with bottom boards running across the conveyor width, or other containers that have irregular/uneven bottoms that won't easily convey on rollers. It can move a maximum of 12,000 pounds at 30 feet per minute. Adjustable DCS- and DCDS-type floor supports are available.

The DCEZ-62 comes in 11 widths. Model DCEZ-63, a three-strand drag chain conveyor, is also available. In addition, heavier duty models, which use a #80 chain, are ideal for more demanding applications. These models are also available in two-strand (DCEZ-82) and three-strand (DCEZ-83) varieties.

The conveyors are available in Canada from McKessock Conveyor Solutions, operating under the Norpak Handling banner. Hytrol is just one of a growing list of top suppliers represented across Canada by Norpak Handling and McKessock Conveyor Solutions.


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