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Denso Butyl Mastic Tape offers aggressive surface tack and high tensile strength.

Denso Butyl Mastic Tape is an ideal solution for joining and sealing together a variety of surfaces. The double-sided tape offers aggressive surface tack and high tensile strength, making it a top choice when the application calls for the immediate bond of such surfaces as polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, concrete, metal, wood and cadwelds.

Key advantages

Denso Butyl Mastic Tape is a 100 per cent solids, non-hardening, thick butyl-based sealant tape with an aggressive surface tack and high tensile strength. The result is an immediate bond between surfaces that does not require a primer. In addition, the tape is easy to apply by hand by simply peeling it off of its easy-to-remove release paper and applying it to the surface. It also has an aggressive grip, yet stays flexible and has excellent conformability and consistent uniform thickness. In addition, the tape can operate in a wide range of temperatures without shrinking. 

Additional offerings

This Butyl Mastic Tape is part of Denso’s line of high-performance adhesive tapes for above- and below-ground pipeline corrosion protection, weld joints, fittings, fabrications and repair of geomembranes. The lineup also includes:

  • Denso FB 30 Butyl rubber tape with fabric backing;
  • Denso Butyl 35 Polyethylene/Butyl rubber pipeline tape; and
  • Densopol 60 and 60HT heavy-duty PVC/Bitumen fabric-reinforced tape.

Thanks to the high quality and reliability of these products, as well as the many other products in Denso’s portfolio, the company has earned a reputation as a leading provider of corrosion prevention and sealing technology.

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