REDwire Dorner low-profile conveyors configured to meet the needs of each application

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Wecon carries Dorner’s 2200 Series conveyors in multiple sizes.

Wecon Systems now carries Dorner’s 2200 Series conveyors. These low-profile, high-performance, fabric and modular belt conveyors are ideal for small to medium part handling in applications that require transfers, accumulation, precision part movement, part routing (incline or decline), positioning and automated or manual assembly. With many options to choose from, there’s a configuration available to meet the precise needs of each application.

Multiple sizes: 2200 Series conveyors are available in widths from one to 24 inches, and lengths from 18 inches to 30 feet.

Loads and speeds: They are suitable for carrying loads up to 150 pounds at speeds up to 400 feet per minute.

Configurations: Straight, z-frame, horizontal to incline, and nose-over configuration options are available.

Belt types: Fabric belts are available in flat or cleated types, while precision move belts are available in precision move, or precision move cleated varieties, providing accurate alignment of both time and distance so products can be moved efficiently in assembly automation applications. Modular belt types are also available in micropitch closed mesh, micropitch open mesh, metalworking closed mesh, metalworking open mesh and metalworking cleated varieties.

Frame construction: Modular belt frames are available with a rugged, open-frame design ideal for water and chemical drainage and air cooling applications. Belted frames constructed of durable, hard anodized aluminum are also available.

Drive types: Common drives available for use with the 2200 Series include end, centre and mid-drives, as well as the iDrive, a compact drive designed to save space and reduce integration time.

Motors and controls: The units are also available with universal drive, servo drives, variable frequency drive control, brushless DC control and more.

Many options are available to suit the requirements of each application and, as a trusted solutions provider, Wecon Systems can help ensure each customer gets exactly what they need.

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