REDwire Don’t let condensation be a drain: invest in automatic condensate drains

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Proper condensate management ensures that condensate materials are removed completely and reliably from air compressors.

Prevent the accumulation of condensed materials to have a detrimental effect on the performance of your air compressor.

During the compression process, particles, moisture and water vapour from the exterior can enter inside the air compressor. Condensation occurs when these substances build up inside the air compressor.

The result? This condensate will inter mix with the flow of air, damaging the dryers, air tools, gauges and other vital components within the system.

Don’t leave this problem up in the air. Learn about one popular solution to help you drain your condensate problems away.  

Let condensate go down the drain

Condensate management products, including automatic condensate drains, ensure that condensate materials are removed completely and reliably.

Electronic, mechanical, pneumatic and timed-electric drains are all helpful solutions depending on the application the air compression will be used for.

The slight advantage of using either pneumatic or mechanical drains is that they are both air-powered, which may be ideal for portable applications or situations that an electrical source is unavailable.

Drain the away the doubt – invest in an automatic condensate drain

Installing an automatic condensate drain offers multiple benefits that outweigh the costs.

Condensate drains cuts the manpower necessary to manually remove condensate from the air compressor system each day.

Consistent, automatic removal of condensate with a drain is a safeguard for the tank not to overflow or cause the compressor to short cycle.

Timely condensate removal guarantees contamination is routinely discharged, which will protect air lines and equipment in the long run.

Practice safe condensate management

Speak to an authorized distributor of condensate drain options who can provide expert consultation, installation and post-installation advice on the correct drain for your particular application.

Don’t let your time or money drain out - plug into an established leader of air compressor solutions

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We also have just the right condensate drain for your specific application, offering three main drain technologies, including our CMD Series pneumatic and mechanical drains.

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