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Kronos Canadian Systems Inc.

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An upcoming webinar is addressing what the plant of the future will look like.

What will the manufacturing industry look like in the future? This is a question many manufacturers are — and should be — asking themselves. Production processes, technology, the workforce mix and hiring strategies will inevitably change. But how? 

Kronos is addressing this critical topic in an upcoming free webinar, hosted in collaboration with IndustryWeek, that will focus on the “plant of the future” — trends impacting manufacturing’s future, and what that means for new production processes, technology, hiring strategies and more.

The webinar, taking place on September 23, 2015 at 2 pm (EDT), will feature manufacturing experts from Kronos, IndustryWeek and Aberdeen discussing key components of the plant of the future, and how leading manufacturers are increasingly becoming data-driven to manage growing product complexity and information demands. The experts will discuss three main topics:

  • Data: Big Data and the Internet of Things are growing exponentially. Panelists will discuss what to do with all this data, and how to organize and prioritize it effectively to make informed decisions.
  • Technology: More and more technology is being created to help manufacturers get work done quicker, more efficiently, cheaper and safer. The panelists will discuss how best-in-class manufacturers are cultivating and acquiring the right analytical skillsets, capabilities and tools.
  • Workforce: There is a growing talent gap in the manufacturing industry because demographics are changing, and the industry is becoming more automated, which has created the need for more technological/engineering skillsets to work with these automated tools and robotics. The panelists will discuss why forward-thinking labour data and management strategies are vital in the plant of the future.

The future of manufacturing is uncertain, with new technologies and trends changing the way people work and how goods are produced. Webinar attendees will be given guidance from the panel of manufacturing experts to help them prepare. They will learn where to focus their energy, and how technology can ultimately help them remain competitive.

Register for this free, one-hour webinar on September 23rd, and take the first step at preparing for the plant of the future. 


Kronos Canadian Systems Inc.

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