REDwire Dirt bike legend reveals 10 essential bike maintenance tips

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Jeremy McGrath relies on Loctite products to meticulously maintain his bikes.

Jeremy McGrath, a dirt bike racing icon and winner of seven Supercross titles and more than 70 races, admits he has relied on Loctite products to meticulously maintain his bikes throughout his career.

Henkel’s Kelly Turner, with the company’s automotive aftermarket business, recently asked McGrath for his top maintenance tips — ideas that can be applied to keep any motorcycle in proper working condition. McGrath shared 10 essential tips (and tools) that he employs.

1. Loctite Natural Blue Biodegradable Cleaner and Degreaser is the perfect solution to apply before washing a motorcycle. McGrath recommends diluting this concentrated product 10:1. 

2. Loctite Blue 243 Threadlocker should always be used for aluminum parts, such as triple clamps, levers and shifters. 

3. Loctite Red 272 Threadlocker should be used for all other steel applications, such as the sprocket or skid plate.

4. Use Loctite LB 8421 Gear, Chain and Cable Lubricant between rides to lube the drive chain and cables. This will ensure the longest life and strength of these parts.

5. Always clean the chain and sprocket after a day’s ride with Loctite Pro Strength Parts Cleaner.

6. Use Loctite LB 8529 White Lithium Grease on axles, wheel bearings, seals, suspension linkage and headset.

7. Loctite Silicone Spray is the perfect lubrication for levers, foot pegs and the kick starter.

8. Use Loctite Non-Chlorinated Parts Cleaner on your brake rotors between rides for the best stopping power.

9. Loctite LB 8423 Dielectric Grease should be used between the spark plug and cap, as well as all wire connections.

10. Using Loctite Anti-Seize between the spoke and nipple will allow for easier adjustment and tightening over the life of the wheel. It will also prevent rust that over time will weaken the support of the wheel. It should also be used on all header and exhaust bolts for easier removal. Another good location is the bolts that adjust the chain on the swing arm.  

McGrath adds that hand wipes are a must for any garage, and he uses Loctite Industrial Hand Wipes to take all the grease and grime off of his hands.

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