REDwire Directional control valve offers accurate control

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The Parker L90LS Mobile Directional Control Valve is ideal for use on mobile equipment.

The Parker L90LS Mobile Directional Control Valve, available in Canada from Wainbee, provides the most accurate control on the market. This stackable, load-sensing, proportional pressure-compensated valve is ideal for use on mobile equipment, from cranes, sky lifts and forklift trucks, to platform trucks, excavators, harvesters and more. It is modular in construction, and built to order so that it incorporates exactly the valve functions and values needed to control the given machine in the most optimal way.

Key features

The L90LS is designed for working pressures of up to 320 bar and a maximum pump flow of 200 litres/minute. The valve can be given excellent simultaneous-operating characteristics, which enable several machine functions to be operated at the same time, regardless of their load size. The unit’s compact, integral system construction enables a wide range of normally external functions to be integrated into the valve. And, with many options available, each customer gets a compact, tailored, logical, pre-tested, service-friendly system solution that can handle simple or complex functions for their specific machine.

The L90LS is also available with integrated CANBus modules to integrate the valve stack on the network with minimum wiring and increased monitoring capability. Multiple inlets can be used for fixed and variable displacement pumps, including unloading, maximum pressure, flow sharing, etc.

Safe design

The design of the L90LS makes it easy for machine manufacturers to comply with national and international safety regulations, such as those contained in the EC Machinery Directive. Special safety functions for machines can be integrated into the valve in a logical and simple way, helping to improve overall safety and reliability.

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