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Digital gauges offer high accuracy.

Air gauges are used for numerous applications throughout a wide variety of industries. The many uses range from taking tire pressure readings to making non-contact measurements of machine parts. Dial and pencil-type gauges are commonly used due to their simplicity and low cost. But for applications that demand high accuracy and reliability, nothing beats a digital gauge. 

There are a number of advantages that make digital gauges superior to their analog counterparts. For instance, the various models available from Rotem Industrial Products offer easy operation, precise results and versatile capabilities. Here are some details on a few of the benefits of digital gauges.

Easy-to-read displays

Digital gauges use LCD screens to display measurements clearly, so it is easy for users to take precise readings quickly. In this way, digital displays make the measurement process more efficient and also reduce the chance for error when compared to analog gauges such as dial or pencil types.

High accuracy

Digital gauges incorporate digital technology to measure pressures accurately. This technology offers a significant improvement over analog style gauges. For example, pencil-type gauges have a tendency to provide inaccurate readings due to insensitivity.

Built-in features

Some electronic gauges are available with touch-screen displays, data storage and wireless capabilities. Some digital gauges can use multiple probes for taking numerous measurements at once. Dual display systems are also available that incorporate both analog and digital displays in a single unit. These systems are useful for seeing both rough estimates and exact deviations at a glance. 

Well suited to many uses

The air gauges provided by Rotem Industrial Products are often used for taking non-contact measurements of moving parts, such as taking dynamic measurements of machine parts during the machining process. These digital air gauges feature magnification capabilities and adjustable resolutions. The ability to set the gauge resolution allows users to tailor the measurement sensitivity to suit the application. 

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