REDwire Digital flowmeters reliably measure flow and temperature

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KIMO's Model DBM610 flowmeter is available from Chevrier Instruments.

Chevrier Instruments can supply KIMO Digital Flowmeters to its customers. These units offer reliable measurement of flow and temperature, and include many best-in-class features.

Key details

The company’s Model DBM610 flowmeter can simultaneously display flow and temperature. For flow, it has a measuring range of 40 to +3500 m3 an hour, with an accuracy of three per cent of reading ±10 m3/hh. For temperature, it has a measuring range from zero to 50 degrees C, with an accuracy rating of two per cent of reading ±0.1 °C.

The unit can provide automatic average and point-by-point average, as well as automatic flow direction. It features a hold function to set the reading, a quick hood changing system, and a removable case. Readings can also be viewed on a PC thanks to the unit’s USB interface.

Even with all of these features, the unit is light, solid and easy to handle. Models are available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of each application.

A leading supplier

Chevrier Instruments specializes in selling, repairing and calibrating measurement and control instruments for industrial processes. Its suppliers are leading manufacturers, like KIMO Canada, selected for their commitment to producing quality products. Chevrier shares this commitment, and is proud to announce that its calibration laboratory is ISO 17025 certified under the fields of pressure and temperature.

To learn more about its comprehensive selection of quality products from KIMO and other leading manufacturers, contact Chevrier Instruments.  


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