REDwire Digital contact sensor a versatile and accurate measurement solution

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The GT2 Series High-Accuracy Digital Contact Sensor features dedicated inspection software.

The GT2 Series High-Accuracy Digital Contact Sensor, available from Keyence, is designed to “connect to anything, anywhere”. It is easy to use, simple to customize, and offers high accuracy and rugged construction — top features that make this sensor suitable for a wide range of applications. 

Plug-and-play software

One of the major features of the digital contact sensor is its dedicated inspection software. Users simply connect the sensor directly to a PC to start the software. All connected sensors are automatically identified, allowing measurement to begin immediately. Users also have the ability to customize the software to meet their needs. They can arrange images, measured values, judgment results and other elements to their preference. In addition, the software allows easy editing through real-time Excel transmission. This means users can centrally manage data, even from sources other than the sensors.

Additional features

There are many other features that make the GT2 Series a best-in-class sensor.

  • Scale Shot System II: The sensor head is equipped with Keyence’s proprietary Scale Shot System II, which allows it to achieve the highest accuracy in its class throughout its entire measurement range. 
  • Rugged construction: This sensor features a dustproof, watertight and oil-resistant structure, which enables it to be used in any environment. Its rugged construction also means reduced maintenance and a longer lifespan — the sensor head lasts up to 150 million cycles with its long-lasting linear ball bearings.
  • Multiple protocols supported: The sensor connects to a wide variety of devices because many communication standards are supported. 
  • Wide selection: To ensure it meets the needs of a broad range of applications, the GT2 Series features a variety of sensor head and cable options, as well as a selection of amplifiers and communication units. There are also several mounting brackets and dust seal options. 

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