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Keystone Steam Supplies can provide its customers with a brand new coil that has been designed and custom built to fit the existing coil’s exact footprint.

All coils are heat transfer devices, and will eventually need to be replaced due to corrosion or erosion.

Keystone Steam Supplies can help. The Mississauga, Ontario based supplier can provide its customers with a brand new coil that has been designed and custom built to fit the existing coil’s exact footprint.

Coils come in a variety of sizes, configurations and materials. They can use hot water, steam or a glycol mix to transfer heat. They can also use cold water or a glycol mix to transfer coolness. Although a damaged coil of one type can be replaced with a new coil of another (e.g., change from steam to hot water), replacing like with like generally means a faster and more efficient installation.

The fact that Keystone’s coils are custom built helps ensure a smooth and simple installation. However, first the company needs certain details about the existing damaged coil to help determine the appropriate solution. 

These key details include:

  • Finned length, height and width of the existing coil;
  • The dimensions of the outside frame (length, height and width);
  • Fins per inch;
  • Diameter and material composition (i.e., copper, stainless steel, etc.) of the tubes;
  • Rows and columns of tubes (rows x columns = total tubes in coil face);
  • Header diameter; 
  • Size and type of header connections;
  • Same or opposite end header connections;
  • Dimensions, which will locate the piping connections;
  • Vertical or horizontal air flow (the orientation of the coil); and
  • The handling of the coil — whether the connection is on the right or left-hand side when facing the coil with the air blowing into your face.

To help determine the appropriate replacement coil, customers are encouraged to visit the company’s website and fill out a worksheet that outlines the detailed info needed.

If your coil is in or around the GTA, a Keystone representatives can measure your coil for you before construction begins.

For more information on replacement coils, and how the process works, contact Keystone Steam Supplies.


Keystone Steam Supplies

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