REDwire Denso tape provides corrosion protection for Wedge Tower

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The Denso protective system is used on the cooling tower's pipes, valves and fittings.

Denso North America offers a variety of solutions for corrosion protection. The company’s protective coatings and tape systems have been used successfully in all types of projects. One of the latest examples is the Wedge Tower project.

The project

When the Wedge Tower in Houston, Texas was acquired by a real estate developer, an inspection revealed that the cooling tower needed to be rebuilt and the piping had to be replaced due to corrosion. The developer needed to decide what the best approach was to protect the newly rebuilt tower from corrosion for many years to come.

The real estate developer had some experience using Denso protective tape on a number of cooling towers in the past. Due to the success of those projects, the developer decided to go with Denso once again to ensure long-term corrosion protection on all of the tower’s piping, valves and flanges.


The job of installing the Denso tape system was given to the contractor MFR Fluid & Air. After a Denso representative provided a short on-site training session, the contractor installed the system quickly and easily.

The installation process involved only minimal surface preparation, and then the application of Denso Paste S105, Densyl Tape and a protective HDPE Outerwrap with SmartBand Strapping. To protect areas with irregular shapes such as flanges and valves, Denso Profiling Mastic was used to create a smooth profile that allowed application of the tape and Denso Weathershield 15 in place of the HDPE Outerwrap.

More information

There are many benefits offered by this system. For instance, it is fast and easy to apply, with no requirement for special training. This system provides reliable, long-term protection, and its effectiveness has been proven again and again over the past 85 years.

For more information on the Denso Petrolatum Tape System and other solutions available from Denso North America, visit the company’s website.


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