REDwire Denso SeaShield provides pile protection at the Port of Seattle

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Denso SeaShield offers long-term protection for the piles at the Port of Seattle.

Denso's SeaShield 2000HD protection system is designed to prevent splash-zone corrosion on steel, concrete and timber piles. The system is used to protect wharf piles, riser pipes and exposed piping in many applications. Due to its proven performance, the system was chosen by the Port of Seattle to protect the piles on its piers.

The challenge

The Port of Seattle is the 14th largest port in North America. In 2013, more than two million containers and one million cruise passengers passed through the port. With the amount of stress the port is subjected to each year, it is essential that the piles have long-term protection against splash-zone corrosion. 

The SeaShield system

The system uses Denso Marine Piling Tape to create an anti-corrosion membrane. It displaces water, seals out oxygen, and forms a moisture-resistant bond. This tape is synthetic fibre-reinforced, and impregnated and coated with a petrolatum-based compound.  

To protect the tape against weathering and mechanical damage, a tough outercover is installed surrounding the tape. The outercover is made from durable and UV-resistant HDPE, and secured with 316 stainless steel marine grade bolts, nuts and washers.

Port of Seattle project

The Port of Seattle project began with a trial run on 40 piles. The Seashield system was installed in 2008, and following three years of monitoring by the port’s maintenance and engineering groups, it was determined that the system performed as advertised. Pleased with the results, the Port of Seattle chose to move forward with protecting an additional 510 piles. That project began in 2013 and was completed soon after. 

According to Denso, the result is long-lasting, reliable protection that will keep the Port of Seattle’s piles standing strong for decades to come. 

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