REDwire Denso's Tank Base Protection System offers reliability and easy application

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Denso's Tank Base Protection system will stop water egress and corrosion.

The Tank Base Protection System from Denso offers a convenient way to seal gaps and prevent corrosion on tank bases. 

The protection system includes four of Denso's products for sealing and protection: Densyl Mastic, Denso Hi-Tack Tape, Denso FB 30 Tape and Denso Weathershield 55. When used together, these products provide a simple four-step solution for reliable protection of tank bases.

Densyl Mastic

The first step in applying the protection system is the Densyl Mastic. The mastic is used to create a smooth transition from the tank base to the concrete, fill any voids and reduce sharp edges. It is applied by simply moulding the compound into a round configuration and placing it around the tank edge and in between the tank and concrete.  

Denso Hi-Tack Tape

Once the mastic is in place, the Hi-Tack Tape can be applied by wrapping it around the concrete and tank base. The tape should be started at least one inch onto the concrete base. If an additional layer is needed, it should be applied with at least a one-inch overlap on the first layer. This tape is made from non-woven synthetic fabric that is impregnated and coated with an adhesive. It provides higher adhesion qualities than other Denso Petrolatum Tapes.

Denso FB 30 Tape

The Denso FB 30 tape can be applied next. It is made from a butyl adhesive that is backed with a polyester fabric. This tape should be applied starting at least one inch below the Denso Hi-Tack Tape. When finished, all seams and overlaps should be pressed out and adhered. 

Denso Weathershield 55

Lastly, the weathershield can be applied. It should be mixed thoroughly to achieve a uniform colour, and then applied by brush to the Denso FB 30 tape to a coating thickness of approximately 18 to 20 mils.

This protection system meets API-653 standards for tank chime inspection. It will reliably prevent water egress to protect tank bases from corrosion. 

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