REDwire Denso's protective tapes ensure Canada's financial market data keeps flowing

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Denso North America Inc

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This project involved protecting a 30-inch diameter gas line.

The IBM central processing terminal just outside of Toronto processes Canada's major banking and stock market data. This electronic information is crucial to financial markets and daily banking operations, so it is essential that the location has a continuous power supply. A gas pipeline also runs underneath this electrical source, which makes it a challenge to protect both energy sources.

Project details

Hydro One, the province's largest electricity supplier, and Enbridge Gas, which operates the pipeline and has one of Canada's largest natural gas distribution networks, contacted Denso North America for a solution. The project involved protecting hundreds of feet of 30-inch diameter gas line that runs directly below the main electrical transmission lines. It required a protective coating that could protect against possible lightning strikes. That's because a lightning strike at this location could arch from the transmission line to the gas pipe and cause a large explosion.

To choose the best solution, epoxies and tape wrapping systems from several manufacturers were put through extensive independent testing. Both energy supply companies agreed that Denso Protal 7250 and Densopol 60 should be used.

Product information

Denso Protal 7200 is a high build liquid coating for the protection of pipelines. It features fast curing and easy application, as it can be applied by hand, machine or sprayed in a single coat.

Densopol 60 is a heavy-duty fabric-reinforced tape. It consists of synthetic fabric reinforcement, rubber bitumen adhesive, and PVC film backing. It offers excellent adhesion, as well as resistance to impact and cathodic disbonding.

The result

For this project, the pipeline was sprayed with 60 mils of Protal 7250 and then triple wrapped with Densopol 60. Once completed, all parties had confidence that even in the face of significant lightning storms, electronic information would flow continuously.

For more information on the protective coatings, tapes, sealing and moulding products available, visit the Denso North America website.


Denso North America Inc

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