REDwire Denso's Protal 7200 cartridges offer easy application for FBE-coated pipes

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The Protal 7200 cartridge is ideal for applications in the field.

Denso North America provides a wide range of liquid coatings for corrosion prevention and sealing applications on pipelines. The Protal 7200 cartridge — a 1,000-millilitre cartridge containing a two-part epoxy coating for FBE-coated pipe — is among its lineup. 

About Protal 7200 

This coating is spray applied and will cure very fast for quick handling and backfill times. It is ideal for applications such as on-site protection of girth welds, tie-ins, repairs to FBE, station piping, fittings and fabrication, and features excellent adhesion, high build and high abrasion resistance. In addition, it will not shield cathodic protection. 

To make application easy, Denso North America can supply the Protal 7200 air cartridge gun, a lightweight and portable gun designed for fast and easy setup, no clean up and minimal waste. The gun has a quick connect/disconnect hose assembly, so it is easy to attach air lines to the spray manifold. There is an air flow regulator and pressure gauge on the atomizer air line, which enables proper control of the air flow and spray pattern. 

How to use the air cartridge gun

The Protal 7200 air cartridge gun is easy to use. Simply remove any loose scale, rust or other foreign matter from the surface first. Next, attach an air supply hose that will deliver pressure of 90-110 psi to the gun, and then adjust the atomizing air pressure dial and fluid pressure dial according to the product temperature.

Once that has been done, heat the cartridge using your heat source of choice (i.e., microwave, convection oven, heat from an air compressor, etc.) to a temperature of approximately 49-57 degrees C (120-135 degrees F). Then, remove the cartridge end cap, push the static mixing tip over the outlet, and screw the nozzle cap in place before installing the cartridge into the gun.

Next, hold the gun in an upright position and snap the cartridge into place. Then, connect the air hose to the static mixer tip via the quick lock adapter. Pull the trigger halfway to fill the mixing tip with material, and fully pull the trigger back to purge the cartridge for a few seconds, until the spray colour is uniform.

Once that is complete, you can begin the spray application without stopping, as the cartridge should be purged again anytime the spray application is stopped. When it is time to stop, move away from the substrate before releasing the trigger.

For more information on the Protal 7200 cartridge and air gun, contact Denso North America.


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