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Denso's road and maintenance products seal asphalt to steel and concrete surfaces.

When sealing is required for new road construction and road maintenance programs, Denso North America has the solution — multiple solutions, in fact. Its selection of road and maintenance products are designed to seal new asphalt to existing asphalt, concrete or steel, and prevent water ingress and deterioration of the joint. 

The lineup

Denso’s road products include:

  • DensoBand, a hot asphalt joint sealing compound used for sealing joints in hot asphalt surfaces; and 
  • Denso Re-Instatement Tape, a seam seal mastic tape for sealing joints between existing asphalt and new asphalt installations.

These products are used in conjunction with Denso Primer D, a fast drying bitumen-based primer for all surfaces prior to the application of Denso bitumen tapes. They can also be used with Denso Butyl Spray Primer.

The advantages

These rugged sealing technologies offer fast and easy application, water resistance and a long service life. In addition, each product offers its own advantages. For example, DensoBand offers a uniform, watertight, flexible seal and minimum maintenance, as well as high adhesion strength and durability. It can withstand asphalt movement and thermal expansion, which allows it to successfully prevent cracking and propagation. Meanwhile, Denso Re-Instatement Tape offers 100 per cent coverage of the perimeter of the joint, a uniform two-millimetre (0.08-inch) seal that prevents water from entering the joint, and high adhesion to asphalt, concrete and steel.

A leading provider

These products are among the many corrosion prevention and sealing technologies available from Denso North America. The company, with locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, has a proven track record of solving corrosion and sealing problems in the most challenging environments.

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