REDwire Denso products provide pipeline joint protection for Namibia irrigation project

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Tape wrapping systems are a durable solution for long-term corrosion protection of pipelines.

Denso tape wrapping systems offer a durable solution for long-term corrosion protection of pipelines. That’s why Denso tapes have been chosen for field joint wrapping for the Neckartal Dam bulk water project in Namibia. The dam will harness water to produce energy and create a reservoir that can hold 857 million cubic metres of water. The project includes an 8.7-kilometre steel pipeline that will move water to the reservoir. To handle field joint wrapping on the pipeline, the pipeline contractors are using a tape system consisting of Denso Primer D and Denso protective tapes to prevent corrosion.

Denso tape systems

Denso Primer D is a tape primer that is fast drying and suitable for all surfaces. It features high adhesion and good penetration characteristics. Denso Primer D also has the ability to fill surface irregularities, which ensures intimate contact with the tape compound. It can be applied by either spray or brush.

Denso high performance adhesive tapes are used to protect pipelines, fittings and welded joints. Denso tapes can provide long-term corrosion protection that is resistant to impacts, acids, alkalis, salts and moisture. A complete line of tapes is available for protecting above and below ground pipelines. They include all-purpose polyolefin fabric/bitumen tape, UV-resistant petrolatum tape, heavy-duty PVC/bitumen fabric reinforced tape, and more.

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Application of the Denso tape system to the pipeline’s 600 field joints has begun. When completed, the project will provide water to irrigate 5,000 hectares of land to enable agricultural development. The Denso wrapping system was chosen for the job for its excellent performance, and has been proven on major pipeline projects in South Africa.

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