REDwire Denso products protect suspension bridge cables from corrosion

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Denso Void Filler is used in a range of infrastructure projects for corrosion protection.

Denso North America offers a range of solutions for corrosion prevention and sealing. The company’s products have proven performance in protecting the world’s infrastructure.

Case in point

Denso Void Filler is one such solution. It is used to displace air and water, and provide protection against corrosion in applications ranging from pipes and ducts to bridge cables.

In 2007, Denso Canada was chosen to supply this filler as corrosion protection for stranded cable supports on the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls. The steel arched suspension bridge spans 950 feet, and the project called for 2,000 litres of Denso Void Filler, which the company supplied in 10 200-litre drums.
According to the company, Denso Canada was proud to have a part in the important and high profile project. The company hopes the project will be viewed as another example of its products’ capabilities in protecting against corrosion and future deterioration.

Void Filler features

Denso Void Filler can be pumped into voids between pipes, ducts, cables, protective sleeves and more. The filler sets to a semi-solid paste that is flexible and unaffected by water, acids or salts. The void filler can also penetrate and wet existing corrosion.

The filler is a petrolatum compound that was designed for hot injection into voids. To apply, it should be heated to a temperature between 80 and 120 degrees C (176 and 248 degrees F). It is entirely petroleum hydrocarbon based, with additives that displace water, inhibit corrosion, improve adhesion and control flow.

Denso Void Filler is non-hardening and can be supplied in large quantities. For more information, contact Denso North America. With locations across the globe, the company is well positioned to meets its customers’ corrosion prevention and sealing needs.


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