REDwire Denso primers simplify surface prep for protective tapes

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Denso pastes and primers are easy to apply with a brush or gloved hand.

Denso North America offers a range of petrolatum tape products that are used to protect pipelines, tank bases, fittings, steel structures and more. These tape systems are easy to apply by hand in most environments. Denso tapes offer long-term corrosion protection and are used for applications both above and below ground and underwater.

Tapes and primers

Denso has been making high-performance protective tapes for more than 80 years. An important component of these tape systems is Denso paste and primers. These products are used in conjunction with Denso tapes, and contain compounds that displace moisture and inhibit corrosion. The different varieties available include primers specifically designed for underwater, high temperature and structural applications.

Primer selection

All of the various Denso primers available will penetrate rust, displace moisture, aid in adhesion, and pacify the surface. They only require minimal surface preparation and can be applied by inexperienced personnel using a stiff brush or gloved hand. These primers will not dry, crack or harden. The different types available include:

  • Denso Paste is the standard primer for Denso petrolatum tapes.
  • Denso Paste S105 is a primer for wet or underwater applications.
  • Denso Paste HT is a soft petrolatum paste designed for high temperature performance for up to 190 degrees C (375 degrees F).
  • Denso Hi-Tack Primer is used for structural steel members and other applications where additional adhesive qualities are needed prior to Denso Hi-Tack tape application.
  • Denso Primer D is used for Denso bitumen-based tapes. This primer is fast drying and can be used on all surfaces.
  • Denso Butyl Primer is used for Denso butyl-based tapes.

For more information on the pastes, primers and protective tape systems available, visit the Denso North America website.


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