REDwire Denso OuterArmour top coat offers excellent resistance and ease of use

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Protal OuterArmour is a two component, 100 per cent solids liquid epoxy coating from Denso North America.

As a leader in anti-corrosion and sealing products, Denso North America offers a wide range of products designed to excel in challenging environments. Its lineup of liquid coatings includes Protal OuterArmour, a flexible and durable top coat.

Features and benefits

Protal OuterArmour is a two component, 100 per cent solids liquid epoxy coating that offers many best-in-class features and advantages, including excellent resistance and simple application.

  • Excellent resistance. Among its many features, the top coat provides excellent abrasion resistance for Denso FB 30 Tape and Denso Glass Outerwrap products. It also offers resistance to water, acids, alkalis, salts and mild solvents, as well as high impact resistance.
  • Easy application. The coating can be easily applied using a brush, roller or applicator pad. Up to 40 millilitres can be applied in one coat. Simply clean the surface before application, and make sure it’s dry and free of any dust, dirt or foreign matter. Then, mix each of the base and hardener to an even consistency. Finally, pour the hardener into the base and mix them together. Once an even colour is achieved, immediately begin applying the mixed material onto the Denso FB 30 Tape or Denso Glass Outerwrap. 

A proven track record

Denso North America’s lineup of liquid coatings, petrolatum tapes, sealing products, primers, outerwraps and more, has a proven track record of solving problems in challenging environments, both above and below ground, as well as under water. The company’s products are backed by a team of qualified professionals who provide technical support and guidance every step of the way. With offices throughout Canada and the U.S., the company is well positioned to meet its customers needs, regardless of their location. 

To learn more about its products and capabilities, contact Denso North America.


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