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Denso offers a variety of protective pipeline coatings.

Protal 7900HT is a high temperature pipeline coating from Denso North America that offers many advantages.

It is a VOC-free, 100 per cent solids epoxy coating that protects pipelines from corrosion. This high build liquid coating can be either hand or spray applied in a single coat. The simple application means this coating is easy to apply, whether in a shop or in the field. Protal 7900HT also cures fast, which allows quick backfill when applying to a hot pipe.

Coating features

This coating is typically used on pipe, valves, fittings, girth welds and fabrications in applications that involve elevated temperatures. The coating offers a number of features such as:

  • High build of up to 40 mils in one coat;
  • Excellent adhesion (3,030 psi adhesion to steel);
  • High resistance to abrasion;
  • Very low permeability;
  • Safe for the environment;
  • Does not shield cathodic protection. 

Simple application

Application of the Protal 7900HT pipeline coating is fast and easy. To give a better idea of just how easy the process is, here is a brief outline of the steps involved.

Whether applying by hand or spray, the surface should be cleaned by grit blasting. When applying by spray, a plural component airless unit should be used with a pump capable of a volume mixing ratio of 3:1. A wet on wet spray technique should be used until a minimum thickness of 20 mils is reached. If applying by hand, the minimum thickness should be no less than 30 mils. To measure the coating thickness, use a wet film thickness gauge. 

More details

Protal 7900HT liquid pipeline coating is rated for continuous service temperatures of up to 121 degrees C (250 degrees F) and intermittent temperatures of 150 degrees C (302 degrees F). The coating can be applied to surfaces ranging in temperature from four to 105 degrees C (40 to 220 degrees F). It is available in kits of one, two, 75 and 800 litres.

For more details on Protal 7900HT, visit the Denso North America website.


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