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Denso LT Tape was used to completely seal the 36-inch diameter pipe over its entire length.

Halton Region, located just outside of Toronto, required a solution that would seal sweating concrete water pipes in sub-zero conditions. It turned to Denso Canada for the solution — the popular Denso LT Tape, a low temperature petrolatum tape product.

The application

The water pipes spanned several hundred feet, and were approximately 75 feet above a local parking lot and marina. There were safety concerns because, periodically, concrete sections would fall from the pipe to the area below. It is for this reason that time was of the essence. The region needed to work quickly to fix this dangerous situation, and was looking for a solution that was fast, reliable and easy to install, yet still provided the necessary waterproofing for the sweating concrete pipe. 

The solution

Denso’s recommendation was to use 12-inch-wide Denso LT Tape to completely seal the 36-inch diameter pipe over its entire length. The low temperature petrolatum tape was designed to be applied at cooler temperatures, and offers corrosion protection of wet or dry pipes, flanges, valves and related surfaces.

Another feature that made the tape an attractive choice for the region was its easy application, and the fact that it is ready for immediate service following application. Using a lift truck, high up under the pipe, an operator supplied the work crew above the pipe with rolls of tape. The crew wrapped the top portion of the concrete pipe, then passed the roll to the lift truck operator below for wrapping the lower half. This process continued, back and forth, creating a spiral overlap as they continued down the pipe’s length. The job was completed in a very short period of time, and the customer was pleased with how easily and quickly the Denso LT Tape was to work with. 

A trusted solutions provider

Denso is a leading provider of anti-corrosion and sealing products. Its coatings, tapes, outerwraps and primers have a proven track record of solving problems in all kinds of challenging environments worldwide. 

To learn more about its products and services, contact Denso North America.


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